Big Five BlackJack

Learn to Play Big Five Blackjack, And Where to Play Online

Play Big Five BlackjackJust two different versions of MicroGaming’s Big Five Blackjack game can be found online, however these are both presented in the Gold Series format and that means enhanced graphics and game play features are assured. There is both a Single Hand and a Multi Hand version offered.

Dealer Rules – An easy to play Blackjack game and one which is a No Peek card game for the Dealer and one which the Dealer is always obliged to Hit a Soft 17 hand.

Double Down Rules – The Big Five Blackjack game will permit players to Double Down on any two cards, and also a player can Double Down when they have Split two cards.

Splitting Rules – The Bonus Blackjack game play rules regarding Splitting your hands state that you can split a hand upto a maximum of three times thus making four hands, Aces can be Split once and will be dealt just one card and should that card be a Ten then the hand is a 21 hand and not a Blackjack. Unlike Ten cards may be Split.

Surrender Rules – You will be able to Surrender your hand when playing Big Five Blackjack, this is only available however on a Dealers Ten card and not when he has a Ace showing.

Stakes, Decks, Payouts and House Edge – A winning hand other than a Blackjack hand pays even money, a winning Blackjack hand pays 3 to 2 and a winning insurance side bet wager pays 2 to 1.

Big Five requires a minimum stake of 1.00, the most commonly found maximum wager at MicroGaming casinos is 200.00 per hand played, however this may vary from casino to casino. The house edge of MicroGamings Big Five Blackjack game is 0.47%. A total of five decks are in play in the shoe on all versions of this game.

Where to Play MicroGamings Big Five Blackjack

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Big Five Blackjack Playing Tip

Should you be playing Big Five Blackjack and a Soft 20 hand is dealt to you then this correct strategic move to move, no matter what card the Dealer may be holding is to Stand this hand. If you play this hand any other way you will be playing the incorrect strategy which will increase the house edge and reduce your chances of winning!

Big Five Blackjack Strategy Card and Screenshots

You can see the different variants of Big Five Blackjack below along with the strategy card for the game which should you how to play every possible hand when faced with the Dealers hand, feel free to save it and use it when playing this game online.

Big Five Blackjack Strategy Card

Big Five Blackjack Strategy Card

Big Five Blackjack
Gold Series Single Hand Game

Big Five Blackjack
Gold Series Multi Hand Game

Big Five Blackjack Gold Multi Hand Game