Double Exposure BlackJack

Learn How to Play Double Exposure Blackjack – Best Places to Play

Double Exposure BlackJackThe one unusual feature you cannot help but fail to notice when you play this Double Exposure Blackjack game which makes up a tiny part of the suite of card games found in MicroGaming software powered casinos, is that all of the Dealers cards are dealt face up, and that means you can adjust your playing strategy based on the cards you can see and not what you think they are!

Dealer Rules – The dealers cards are always dealt facing upwards when you play this Double Exposure MicroGaming powered Blackjack game, and when he has a Soft 17 then he is always going to Hit such a hand.

Double Down Rules – The Double Exposure game will permit players to Double Down on any Hard Nine, Ten or Eleven, and a player may also Double Down after Splitting cards.

Splitting Rules – The Double Exposure Blackjack game play rules regarding Splitting your hands state that you can split a hand upto a maximum of three times thus making four hands, Aces can be Split and Re-Split and will be dealt just one card and should that card be a Ten then the hand is a 21 hand and not a Blackjack. Unlike Ten cards may be Split.

Surrender Rules – Double Exposure Blackjack does not offer the Surrender game play option, the Microgaming variants which do are Atlantic City Blackjack, Big Five Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack and Super Fun 21.

Stakes, Decks, Payouts and House Edge – A winning hand hand pays even money, and the Dealer is going to win when you and he tie hands, except when the hands are Blackjack hands in which case the player wins. No insurance is offered due to all of the Dealers cards being dealt face up!

Double Exposure Blackjack requires a minimum stake of 1.00, the most commonly found maximum wager at MicroGaming casinos is 200.00 per hand played, however this may vary from casino to casino. The house edge of MicroGamings Double Exposure Blackjack game is 0.69%. A total of eight decks are in play in the shoe on all versions of this game.

Where to Play MicroGamings Double Exposure Blackjack

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Double Exposure Blackjack Playing Tip

The best tip we can give you for playing MicroGaming’s Double Exposure Blackjack game is for you to fully master each possible game playing move to make when faced with any cards either yourself or the Dealer are showing. Due to the different way this game plays then many more moves are needed to be learnt. Grab a copy of our strategy card below as it will prove very valuable.

Double Exposure Blackjack Strategy Card and Screenshots

To help you learn to play Double Exposure Blackjack below is our Blackjack strategy card, which shows you every possible permutation of cards both yourself and the Dealer will be dealt along with how to play each hand. Also below you will see the different versions of this game which MicroGaming currently have on offer.


Double Exposure Strategy Card

Double Exposure Strategy Card

Original Single Hand Game

Original Multi Hand Game

Gold Series Single Hand Game

Gold Series Multi Hand Game

Original Multi Hand Game of Blackjack